What is Lost & Found Label?

Lost & Found Label is an extra layer of protection for your most valuable items. If your item is ever lost, the finder will be able to use the Label to return it to you using the Chipolo Lost & Found service.

What is Chipolo Lost & Found Service?

The Chipolo Lost & Found service is an online service supported by Chipolo. Through it, you can register the Lost & Found Label attached to your item as yours and if it ever gets lost, the finder can anonymously contact you to return it to you.

Register your Label

Scan the code printed on the Lost & Found Label or visit chipolo.net/register to get started.

Register the Lost & Found Label on this product in the free Chipolo app and follow the easy in-app steps to activate your Lost & Found Label.

I found a Lost & Found Label

If you found a product with a Lost & Found Label attached, please scan the QR code to return the lost item to its owner.

All messages are sent through the Chipolo Lost & Found service anonymously and you could even win the monthly finder’s prize – a $100 USD Amazon gift card!

Monthly finder’s prize

Each finder can take part in Chipolo’s monthly prize draw. You could get rewarded with a $100 USD Amazon gift card just for helping others get their lost things back.